Ken Overcast - Montana Lullaby

Artist: Ken Overcast

Music: Ken Overcast, Wylie Gustafson

Ken Overcast has been called one of the most well rounded entertainers of today.  After receiving a career full of national awards, including the prestigious Will Rogers Award from the Academy of Western Artists.   He was recently honored to have his Montana Lullaby be selected by the Montana Legislature to be "The Official Lullaby of the State of Montana."

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The sun's sinkin' low in the west and I know
Another day on the range has gone by
We'll bed down the strays, we've been gatherin' all day
With a Montana Lullaby

In my blankets at night, with the moon shinin' bright
Dreams of my Jenny drift by
Breakin' of dawn, brings the Meadowlark's song
A Montana Lullaby

From the wide rollin' plains, cross the Rockies blue range
Wherever the proud eagle flies
A lone coyote croons to a full lover's moon
A Montana Lullaby

Jenny's at home, waitin' alone
As the long roundup evenin's drag by
The wind in the pines, whispers she's mine
With a Montana Lullaby

Interspersed with yodels throughout