2021 Calendar of Events

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January February March

3rd @1:00pm, Steering Committee

11th @7:00pm, January Meeting

8th @7:00pm, February Meeting

8th @7:00pm, March Meeting
April May June

4th @1:00pm, Steering Committee

12th @7:00pm, April Meeting

10th @7:00pm, May Meeting

15th @9:00am, Floral Garden Planting

14th @7:00pm, June Meeting

27th @1:00pm, Steering Committee
July August September

12th @7:00pm, July Meeting

16-18, National Conference

9th @7:00pm, August Meeting

14th @1:00pm, Brick Walkway Dedication

13th @7:00pm, September Meeting
October November December

3rd @1:00pm, Steering Committee

11th @7:00pm, October Meeting

8th @7:00pm, November Meeting

11th @12:30pm, Holiday Luncheon

12th @6:30pm, Worldwide Candle LightingŪ

13th @6:30pm, Holiday Memorial Service